We don't just sell magnet - we offer a whole host of services to fill your needs. 

Roll Cutting - Starting with master rolls of magnets we are able to small quantities of sheets by hand.

Sheeting / Shearing - Need 100 sheets of an identical size? Our wide format sheeter cuts any number of sheets  to any length.

Slitting - Master rolls can be cut to slit rolls of any width - our most common widths range from 1/2 inch to 6 inches.

Kiss Cutting - Peel n Stick magnet can be cut through the magnet, leaving the paper liner intact. This makes assembly of your final product much faster than peeling magnets individually.

Quick Cut (Chopping) - Our choppers can quickly feed 25, 50 and 100 foot slit rolls in and repeat cut pieces to 1/8 inch accuracy. 

Digital Die Cutting - Need a precise cut? Our high speed digital die cutting tables requires no die or setup. We can create the file or we can custom cut from your vector file.

Steel Rule Die Cutting - Need a ton of the same size piece? Steel rule die cutting is the least costly production method but requires a die to be made (usually 5 days). We are capable of cutting up to 24x48.

Laser Cutting - Precision state of the art laser cutting and engraving up to 48x96, 160 watts.

CNC Router - belt fed 2D & 3D machining of aluminum, plastics and wood for fixtures and prototyping, unlimited in size.

Laminating - We can laminate magnet with vinyl, polyester, foam, metalized film or most any other material to your specs.

Printing - We offer photographic quality inkjet, eco friendly solvent, enviromentally safe latex and high speed UV printing on our magnet products. Coupled with digital contour die cutting, we can create some very interesting products. 

Prototyping - Have an interesting idea or new concept to flush out? We've helped many inventors and designers bring their product to market.

Packaging - Bagging and boxing to your specs.

Drop Shipping - Not a problem. We supply printed and bulk magnets to many retailers and e-stores.


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