Tips For Designing Your Own Car Signs

You’re looking for a great way to advertise your business on your vehicle and you’ve finally decided on one of out quality car magnets. It’s perfect because you can slap it on your vehicle for work during the day and remove it at night when you take the family to the movies. They’re easy to maintain, clean and store and, best of all, they’re really affordable! As you’re sitting down to start ordering, you find yourself staring at a blank page wondering to yourself, “how do I make this sign really POP?” Discouraged, you’re just about to give up…

Don’t give up! We’re here to help! Our graphic designers have had years of practice designing all kinds of signs and promotional materials and we’ve complied a list of pointers to help out. Designing your own magnetic vehicle signs doesn’t have to be a difficult task anymore.

Pick the right size

With car signs and advertising on your vehicle, size matters! Although, in this department bigger is not always better. Generally, you want a sign that fills your door panel nicely, though for some uses you might want a much smaller sign. Being a custom shop, we have made signs of all sizes and shapes. Sometimes companies just want a sign of their logo for fleet vehicles, but usually small companies want a standard traditional car magnet. When in doubt, go out to your vehicle and try to picture how big it will be to others from varying distances. Then use a tape measure and determine how much room you have. You’ll probably want to leave a few inches around the sides for good measure.

Keep it simple!

You’ve probably heard of the k.i.s.s. method of “keep it simple, stupid!”, well the same applies for vehicle signage. Most companies achieve plenty of success with the simplest of signs only showing their company name and phone number. Of course, you can get adventurous and add some more information such as your website, email, physical address and more, but really keeping it simple is key. Most people are going to be viewing your signs in passing and simply won’t have enough time to read very much information. You want to convey just enough info that they can quickly know who you are and how to reach you!

Use contrasting colors

On top of being simple to read, you need to make sure the sign is easily viewable as well. Using contrasting colors is the key to simplifying your sign and keeping it from being too difficult to see. Our friends at Colors on the Web wrote this helpful guide to contrasting colors. Basically, contrasting colors are opposites and, therefore, they stand out against each other really well. A sign with red letters on a green background will be much easier to see than a sign with red letters on an orange background. For graphic designers, this is design 101. For the average person, it may not be so obvious.

Use BIG text

Readability is key. Utilize any method you can to make text easily readable. Use bold, italics, large text and fonts that are easy to read. Cutesy fonts are fun, but they can be borderline impossible to read. If they don’t add a lot to your company’s branding, you will be trading visibility for stylization and, therefore, losing some efficacy. Also consider making some text bigger than others. Your phone number may want to be larger than the areas you serve and your company name might want to be larger than that. Get creative, but make sure it’s legible at all costs! And for the love of God, don’t use Papyrus font unless you want to make us cry!

Images should not be the main focus

While images and logos look great on vehicle signs, they need to be secondary to your company information. We get lots of signs come in with HUGE images or logos that take up the majority of the sign. They look cool, but when you’re working with the limited space of a car door, the only option is to decrease the size of your text. The smaller you make your text, the harder it is to read and the less effective your sign becomes. As a general rule, no more than 1/3 of sign should contain an image or logo. If the other 2/3 includes your contact information, you should be just fine!

Use our pre-made templates

If you’ve read all these tips and you’re still frustrated trying to make your sign look good, no problem! We’ve saved hundreds of car sign templates just for this case. Over the years we’ve printed many similar signs, so to make it easier we started making templates out of the best signs. All you have to do is launch our template catalog by clicking the “Show Me Templates” button on any product where templates are available. Then you just input your information and the rest is already done for you! It doesn’t get easier than that!


Bonus Tip: Picking the right material

Now that you are basically the next Andy Worhol, you should be equipped enough to design your own signs! Who knows, maybe you’ll have a new career in graphic design when you’re done! There’s only one thing left for us to tell you about; our different magnetic signs. We have been in the sign business for a long time and developed a long relationship with our magnet producers. We’ve worked with them to develop some amazing options for magnetic signage, so you should be able to find anything you need.

Our most popular magnetic signs by far are our Magnetic Vehicle Signs. They’re full-color and can be designed without limitations. Also popular are their more simplistic sister product the Value Car Magnets which are generally one or two colors and great for basic designs.

Round Magnetic Car Signs and Oval Magnetic Car Signs give a different perspective on car signs all together. Their unique shape brings a totally new perspective to magnetic car signs and will really stand out on the road!

And, of course, there’s the grand daddy of all magnetic signs, the Reflective Magnetic Car Signs. These are top of the line magnetic signs with a reflective surface. We print directly onto the reflective magnetic signs to achieve a look you won’t get with any other signs. These signs are easily visible at night as well as during the day. They’re a favorite for industrial usage where signs need to be easily noticeable and draw attention to them. Customers who do a lot of night driving also love them because they’re impossible to miss.

If you have any other questions let us know and our helpful design staff would be delighted to assist in making the perfect sign!