Some Benefits to Use Magnetic Letters to Your Sidewalk Signs

Update your business promotions every single day – or more extremely, even to every single minute – through the application of readable sidewalk signs attached with practical and attractive stick-and-peel magnetic letters. Put this board outside any business place, and start to gather and grab potential customers.

The following are some general and basic benefits from applying magnetic letters to your sidewalk signs as your commercial marketing tool.


Magnetic letters and magnetic numbers are basically and widely manufactured from first rated quality material to withstand outdoor conditions – wind, rain, up to more harsh weather changes. Some features would include resistant to water, dew, debris, stain, etc. Also, they are usually thicker and stronger.


Self-adhesive magnetic signs are available in varied characters and numbers, designed with different fonts, as well as color options.  They can be ready-made templates and also personally custom-made by requests. In more detail, each of magnetic letters and numbers are usually kerned or pre-spaced for pursuing better and legible visual look.


Easily stick-able to various surfaces, such as metal signs, metal boards, metal frames, sidewalk signs, frames, shop fittings, score boards, welcome board, vehicles, and other residential or commercial purposes.

Magnetic Letters & Numbers

Alphabetical letters and numbers printed on and/or within rectangular-shaped magnets. They letters are available in countless color choices and size dimensions, as well as background color options.

Die Cut Magnetic Letters & Numbers

Individual precise letters and numbers cut without being confined by square or rectangular-shaped background. Also available in various fonts, sizes, and color alternatives.

Magnetic letters and numbers are, particularly in great practical collaboration with sidewalk signs, hence undeniably ideal for swift signage change to keep your promotional info or offers current.