Magnetic Vent Covers

Our magnetic vent covers save energy! By covering heat and air conditioner vents in unused rooms, you can save on heating and air conditioning bills when the room is not in use. Our  magnets cling to non-aluminum ducts vent covers, blocking 99% or the air flow. Standard Magnets work well for floor vents and wall vents.  We recommend high energy magnets for ceiling vents.

Our magnets are available in many sizes but you can save money by buying larger magnets and cutting them to size yourself. The magnetic sheeting cuts easily with scissors or a craft knife. Custom fit the magnets by cutting around vent control arms and mounting screws. More magnet surface in contact with the steel vent cover translates to more clinging power and greater efficiency with a better seal.

Standard magnets don’t work for ceiling vents due to the pressure created by the fan motor and the weight of the magnet itself. High energy flexible magnets are made with stontium ferrite powder which has twice the magnetic pull as standard flexible magnets found in sign shops and box stores.

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