Flexible Magnet Holding Power

Flexible magnetic sheeting is engineered to provide holding power for itself and generally not intended to be used for holding opjects in place. Various other magnets such as ceramic and neodymium provide much more holding power than flexible magnets.

Flexible Magnetic Sheeting can be a cost effective solution for applying labels and graphics to metal surfaces. Rather than messy adhesives, magnets remove cleanly and can be reused over and over. Flexible magnet sheeting retains its magnetic properties for many years.

The strength of the magnetic pull depends on the distance between the metal and the magnet. Even the thickness of paint and other finishes can affect the magnetic holding power. Place the magnet directly on the metal surface where possible.

Place the item to be held to the face of the magnet rather than under the magnet. Our 0.030 Medium magnet works best for vehicle signs. Thick magnet (0.060) has more magnetic pull but the thickness of the magnet causes more air drag and thus no better holding power at high speeds.

Rather than common ferrite powder, MagnetKing High Energy Magnet is impregnated with special stontium ferrite powder which allows twice the magnetic pull for the same thickness of magnet.

Check out some testing results for our various magnets here.