Finding the right craft stencils

Stencils are used for many different applications. They’re a tried and true method of customizing individual or multiple items. Depending on the material used to make the stencils they can be used once or many times, they can be used on flat surfaces, curved surfaces and on different types of materials. We’ve taken some time to explain stencils. While not a definitive list, we think we’ve come up with enough information to get you started!

PVC Foam Stencils

Kid’s projects and school crafts are great applications for foam stencils. These stencils are made of soft foam like what you’d find on those alphabet kits for the bathtub. They’re gentle and flexible, so kids can’t get hurt or damage anything. PVC foam stencils are perfect for finger painting, colored pencils and more! They can even operate as stamps or be used as toys on their own. Tracing inside and outside the stencils is great practice for kids learning to draw and color on their own.

Kids aren’t the only ones who can have a great time with PVC foam stencils. Crafters and scrapbookers can as well! Whether you include the entire stencil in a scrapbook page or use it to apply paint in the perfect shape to a craft, they’re easy to use and store to use again! Their soft nature makes them easy to keep clean and they should last for some time if handled carefully.

Magnetic Stencils

Sometimes you need a stencil for specific uses. Magnetic stencils definitely fall into that category. Their primary use is going to be to apply spray paint quickly to metal surfaces. They are very durable and can be quickly applied and removed. Simply slap the stencil onto the surface, spray, remove and repeat. It’s incredibly easy and super quick. They’re great for lockers, vehicles, walls, machinery and have applications in custom car shops, factories as well as in a crafter’s collection.

Magnetic material works on magnetic-recent surfaces, but not on aluminum. With magnetic stencils, you can apply logos, images, numbers or information on a wide variety of metallic surfaces. They’re one of our most popular stencil types.

Adhesive Vinyl Stencils

These one-time use stencils also fall into the category of special use. The major advantage to Adhesive Vinyl Stencils is that they can adhere to a variety of surfaces and stay put while the stenciling is happening. Cloth, wood, drywall, metal, plastic are all surfaces that lend themselves to well to adhesive vinyl stencils. They’re made with low-tack adhesive and fully disposable, so after the stenciling is done removal and disposal is a breeze!

The only downfall to vinyl stencils is that they can only be used a single time, however their cost is generally pretty low, making them perfect for smaller projects.

Rubber Sandblast Stencil

If you’re properly equipped, sandblasting is great! You can etch into nearly any material on any surface. A lot of people will use vinyl stencils like we mentioned above for sandblasting, but we have a better solution. Rubber Sandblast Stencils are still adhesive, but can handle heavier duty sandblasting! Rubber sandblast stencils work great for industrial applications due to the strong adhesive that’s on the backside of the stencil. They’re made to stay in place and withstand the harsh treatment of sandblasting.

Mylar Plastic Stencils

Another of our popular stencils are Mylar Plastic Stencils. These stencils are made of a rigid, yet flexible plastic material which can withstand multiple uses. It’s easy to clean and store and can be rolled to store in a tube. Plastic stencils are a favorite for crafters and businesses alike due to their low cost and ease of use. They’re popular for painting, stenciling, stamping and many other crafts.

Stencils come in all shapes, sizes and are made from many materials. You may find other types of stencils in your search for the perfect stencil. We’ve discussed a few of our most popular stencils today, but if you come across another type you can’t find on our store, let us know! We often do custom projects and might be interested in your next project as well! Get in touch with any stencil-related questions.


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