Cutting Magnetic Sheeting

It’s easier than you might think. Magnetic sheeting can be cut with just about anything that you might use to cut paper or fabric. Even though it may be as thick as 20 sheets of paper – it cuts like butter.

Scissors, roller knife, guided sheet trimmer, craft knife, Stanley razor knife, or guillotine paper cutters all cut flexible magnet sheeting quite well.

Mark your magnet along the cut line or use a metal straight edge to guide your knife blade. remember the rule: Measure twice; Cut once. For precise edges be sure to cut completely through the magnet. If the edge is not critical, just score the surface. One simple bend should cause the magnet to separate along the cut. Check the cut edge for burrs that might cut tender fingers. A rasor knife can be used to smooth out any burrs. We do not recommend using a laser cutter on magnetic sheeting. The smoke and fumes are not pleasant and the melted edges will have a charcoal-like mess.

Magnet can also be cut with sizzix craft die cutters as well as industrial steel rule die cutters using clicker or clamshell presses.

If you magnet has a vinyl or coated surface, cut with this surface up.

For large magnets that are removed or repositioned often, consider rounding corners. Rounded corners are not as likely to get bent and dinged up. A coin such as a nickel or quarter make good templates for rounding corners.

If your magnet has complex shapes, avoid sharp inside cuts. Instead round the cut slightly. Inside sharp corners are ofter a point of propagation for tears or cracking.

MagnetKing has a high speed, computer controlled die cutting table that produces precise cuts on an entire 4’x50′ roll of magnet in minutes. We offer most of our magnet products in hundreds of common shapes and sizes, and can provide cuttom cutting to your specifications, with no die charge.