Creative ideas to use Chalkboard Magnet for your home

Chalkboard magnet is inevitably connected with “old school” boards. If you think that the chalkboard is only suitable for schools, you are mistaken. Chalkboard magnet has become a design tool and the availability of chalkboard magnet at home makes it so easy for you to organize your daily life and decorate your home in modern and practical ways. Check out these creative ideas to use Chalkboard magnet for adding functional and beautiful paint in areas and on objects all over your home:


1. Dynamic Planner

Keep track of meetings and deadlines with an erasable day planner. Apply chalkboard magnet to a specific area, like the rectangle shown here, or your entire wall. Then, label the space with the days of the week and use it to keep track of your schedule.



2. Kid’s Studio

Create a canvas for your kids’ artwork by painting an entire wall with chalkboard magnet. They’ll love being able to make their own life-size murals without getting into trouble for writing on the walls.



3. Message Board

Need a central location for writing down grocery list items, phone messages, and quick reminders where the whole family will see them? Use chalkboard magnet to create a handy, reusable message board for your entire family.



4. Daily Menu

In the kitchen, paint a chalkboard magnet on the wall, frame it with decorative molding or colorful paint, and use the area to display each day’s menu. This makes an especially nice touch for family gatherings or when entertaining special guests.



5. Personalized Place

Add colored chalkboard magnet to your dinner table and use the space to create personalized place settings for your guests or get creative and use your tabletop canvas to share encouraging words at breakfast, announce good news to the whole family, or count down the days until your next vacation.



6. Organized Stuff

Do you have to rummage through your storage bins every time you need to find something? Just paint chalkboard squares on your bins and label them with light-colored chalk. It’s a great way to keep things organized.



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