Chalkboard Magnetic Sheeting

Magnetic sheeting be coated with chalkboard surfaces, offering many innovative and versatile solutions. Basically there are two types of flexible chalkboard surfaces offered by MagnetKing. The most common is a true chalkboard surface available in either black or slate gray color. These perform very much like the old slate chalkboards of yesteryear. These chalkboard surfaces work equally well with standard white and color chalks as well as chalk markers.

New developments in matte vinyls gives us a nearly unlimited palette of possible chalkboard colors. uses MACtac 8900 series colored matte vinyls available in 52 colors. When applied to MagnetKing flexible magnet or magnetic receptive sheeting, your possibilities are endless. Create color schemes to support your favorite team such as blue magnet with yellow chalk or red magnet with with chalk. Matte vinyl chalkboard surfaces work great with chalk but not so well with chalk markers.

MagnetKing can print any images, logos, text or grid patterns on your magnetic chalkboard.

Remember, all of our chalkboard options are available on magnetic sheeting and magnetic receptive sheeting, giving you several installation options including:

Magnet back, Chalkboard front – Use on magnetic Dry Erase Boards

2 Sided Magnet, Chalkboard one side, plain one side – Use on any metal surface

2 sided Magnet, Chalkboard one side, Dry erase one side – Use on any metal surface

Peel n Stick Back, Both Magnet & chalkboard front – Apply to any smooth surface, stick magnets or metal to front.

Peel n Stick Back, Rubber Steel & Chalkboard front – Apply to any smooth surface, stick magnets to front.

Call our sales office at 800-966-0917 to discuss your needs and one of our knowledgable employees will be glad to explain the options for your application.