Benefits of Promotional Calendar Magnets

Calendar magnets have been long and increasingly employed as functional and decorative accessories applied to residential and also public-commercial settings. You may discover them in schools, offices, stores, up to home’s fridges.

Calendar Magnets

By definition, calendar magnets are almanacs having 265 days a year with dates printed on the magnets. By and large, they are usually manufactured from premium quality of commercial grade magnetic material – full backing magnet completed in high gloss protective film.

Types of Calendar Magnets
  • 12 month calendar magnets
  • Financial year magnets
  • 18 month calendar magnets
  • Sport fixture magnets
  • Save the date magnets
  • School calendar magnets
  • Etc..

Why Choosing Calendar Magnets?

Calendar magnets indeed have their own personal and public advantages.

Countless Ready to Personalized Designs

In fact, calendar magnets offer innumerable design choices – in ready templates up to more customized options. They can be found in great variations of sizes, shapes, patterns, as well as color combinations, of course according to any personal taste or even imagination.

Moreover, you may personalize them with names, special occasions, or other personal details. As to business promotional opportunities, these calendars can be incorporated with photo, logo, as well as contact details.

Undeniably, they won’t disappoint you.

Practical and Functional

Compared to traditional calendars, calendar magnets show more practicality and functionality. If traditional calendars require more space, calendar magnets are more space-saving in feature. For instance, you may apply simply by stick them to the fridge or whiteboards. It is also true with distribution purpose, particularly when you mail them, for they are more lightweight.

Effective Marketing Instrument

As stated previously, calendar magnets can be attached with essential information about your company or business. This will be a great way for building brand recognition.

It is further confirmed by a survey result held by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) in which 70% of the respondents stated that they remember the company name and products or services being advertised printed on calendar magnets.

Great for Many Types of Applications

Calendar magnets can be used creatively and also smartly in various applications. This can be ranged from personal home purposes, public institutions like schools or other governmental offices up to countless commercial efforts in order to maintain their customers’ loyalty, and still many more.

Popular Giveaways

Still referring to the survey result done by PPAI, a number of 70% of the surveyed respondents stated positively that they eager to be given with calendar magnets as gifts that containing informative details about school holiday dates, public holidays, or other special occasions, for example.

Once again, calendar magnets prove their powerful charm as advertising tool.